Adviser Breakthrough Success Seminars

The Business Certainty Solution is a step-by-step process to help financial advisers earn more, have more recurring income, build more value into their practice, and altogether have a more certain and secure future whilst offering their clients an even better service.

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The Adviser Breakthrough Business Certainty Workshop is brand new. It will be one of the best events we have ever run. Here is what some IFAs from all over the country have said about previous Adviser Breakthrough Solution Seminars and Workshops:


"In all my years of financial services this is the best and most rewarding training day I have attended."

John Webb, Staffordshire

"Brilliant! Added lots of things we can build into our model."

Neil Flint, Teeside

"I think that this will assist us in exponentially growing our funds under management, fee income and profitability. Thank you very much!"

Richard Mulcahy, Northampton

"Great ideas which will move the business forward and with more focus."

Tina Southon, Hampshire

"I like the idea of a tried and tested successful programme which you have delivered."

John Le Poivedon, Southampton

"Marvellous! Really worthwhile. Loads to work on."

Anita Gatehouse, Kidderminster

"I am confident that this will improve my business production."

Bill Skinner, Manchester

"Really enjoyed it and raring to go. Very practical stuff and I just know this is going to make a massive difference to what I earn and the quality of my life."

Nicola Sunderland, Warwickshire

"Quite exceptional! Inspires me to go home & start up again."

Arthur Beverly, Glasgow

"Excellent day! I can see this being a huge help to my business / earnings."

Martin Wright, Bury St Edmunds

"Very motivating day. Exceptionally well delivered."

Mel Davis, Cardiff

"Excellent and inspiring."

Mike Crampton, Hitchin

"Reinforces the message that retainers are the way forward for those clients that are serious about their financial futures.

Mike Giblin, Farnborough

"A very clear presentation. Inspirational. Thank you.

Carl O'Connell, Bristol

"Well presented, energetic and lots to take away to improve my business.

Peter Gibbs, Cardiff


Wendy Roberts, Caerphilly

"Very interesting and fast paced.

Simon Brannigan, Bristol

"Very good workshop. It provided helpful information and direction which is so important within the industry. The workshop content was invaluable.

Jeff Seward, Cardiff

"Very good. Will help me to become more effective."

John Farnsworth, Kidderminster

"Very useful. This will move me forward."

Ian Files, Preston


Terry Hunter, Glasgow

"Really motivating and excellent. Well done!"

Patrick Waller, Berkshire

"Good, focussed experience."

John Lea, Preston

"My head is spinning with all the useful content."

John Helfgott, Watford

"Well presented, good ideas, food for thought."

Keith Long, Halifax

"Found it useful, and glad that I came."

Alistair Ferguson, Perthshire

"Exceptional use of time!"

Peter Machin, Kidderminster

"Very useful day."

Chris Waite, Nottinghamshire

"Very enjoyable, but true."

Martin Dodd, Wolverhampton

"Extremely useful."

Rob Bray, Milton Keynes

"I enjoyed the day immensely. Some of it was a useful reminder of things I already knew but had stopped using, and some were good fresh ideas."

Neil Huntington, York

"Excellent food for thought.

Paul Jansen, Chippenham

"Very well presented.

Graham Wingar, Bridgend

"Very well presented and thought provoking.

Robert Jones, Wiltshire

"Very good and very upbeat.

Phil Frapple, Bridgwater

"Very good overview of marketing ideas

Andrew Mason, Shrewsbury

"Very useful snapshot.

Jonathan Hunt, Oxford

"Very good. Some inspirational thoughts.

Stewart Benson, Stoke-on-Trent