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The Business Certainty Solution is a step-by-step process to help financial advisers earn more, have more recurring income, build more value into their practice, and altogether have a more certain and secure future whilst offering their clients an even better service.

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About the Business Certainty Workshop

I assume everyone who attends The Business Certainty Workshop

  • is already compliant
  • has a plan in place to obtain the examination certificates needed, or already has them
  • already treats their clients fairly
  • cares about their clients and looks after them properly

and wants to earn more.

At the Business Certainty Workshop

  • you will find out more about the six steps of the Business Certainty Solution and how they will make your IFA practice more successful, regardless of what happens in the economy
  • we will show you how to create your own individually tailored action plan, in line with the six steps, to fit your own practice and the direction you wish to take it

At the end of The Business Certainty Workshop there will be an optional, no charge, one hour "Quick Start Session". You will not want to miss this! In the "Quick Start Session" we will share with you exactly how successful IFAs have already put the first key step in place and are benefiting significantly. You will immediately see how you can quickly implement and benefit from this step yourself.

All of this, for just two or three hours of your time, and the ridiculously low fee of £47 including VAT.

Call us now on 023 8089 2222, or select a venue to book your place.

Normally we would charge £97 plus VAT for a workshop of this kind. This would be a giveaway price for what will be a goldmine of powerful information. But I want to spread this message to every financial adviser who believes in their worth and believes passionately in their profession. I do not want the price to be an excuse for you not to come, which is why we are charging so little - just a token contribution towards the basic costs of the workshop.

£3,000 Money-Back Guarantee

I am totally convinced that if you attend the Business Certainty Workshop and the free Quick Start Session, you will see how you can earn more, have more recurring income, have a better work-life balance, build more value into your practice, and altogether have a more certain and secure future whilst offering your clients an even better service.

I am so convinced of this that I am offering you a £3,000 guarantee! If you are not convinced that you will make at least an additional £3,000 from what we have shared with you, I will give you back your £47.

Call us now on 023 8089 2222, or select a venue to book your place.

Spaces on the workshops are very limited. You need to book now so that you can do to the venue of your choice.

What's happening in our industry

Some Good News

"In June 2010 Adviser Breakthrough Marketing Solutions made over 350 appointments for IFAs with business owners who wanted a financial review."

Paul Cadde, Adviser Breakthrough Marketing Solutions Limited

"The 18 months of recession have been very good for us because people have been parting from their existing advisers. They have been frustrated by the service and the delays and the investment performance."

Stephen Baxter, Robertson Baxter Financial Services1 (22nd April 2010)

If you believe all you read in the papers our industry is filled with bad news. But advisers in the know recognise the enormous opportunity facing those of us who are positive about the future.

Adviser Breakthrough can provide you with the antidote to bad news.

Where do you stand? If you are positive, or wish to be, book yourself on an Adviser Breakthrough Business Certainty Workshop today.


1 Robertson Baxter Financial Services is not connected in any way with Adviser Breakthrough Solutions.

The Adviser Breakthrough Business Certainty Workshop is brand new. It will be one of the best events we have ever run. Here is what some IFAs from all over the country have said about previous Adviser Breakthrough Seminars and Workshops: