Adviser Breakthrough Success Seminars

The Business Certainty Solution is a step-by-step process to help financial advisers earn more, have more recurring income, build more value into their practice, and altogether have a more certain and secure future whilst offering their clients an even better service.

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About Paul Cadde

The CEO of Adviser Breakthrough Solutions is Paul Cadde, a practising IFA.

Paul has been in the financial services industry since 1985, became an IFA in 1994, and multiplied his personal production tenfold to around £700,000 in just six years. Paul had a vision of sharing with fellow IFAs the ideas and tools that had made him so successful, and created Adviser Breakthrough Solutions to realise this vision.

The Adviser Breakthrough Solutions Business Certainty Workshop is the culmination of Paul's vision, and will be one of the best workshops anyone in this profession has ever produced.

About Adviser Breakthrough Solutions

Adviser Breakthrough Solutions is a group of companies devoted to helping financial advisers build successful and profitable practices. We are the leading IFA coaching service and have coached over 1,100 advisers.

Within our fast changing financial advice profession it is hugely important to keep ahead of the game, capitalising on new opportunities before our competitors even become aware they are there. This is the core philosophy of Adviser Breakthrough Solutions, which provides a wide range of services to advisers including:


The Adviser Breakthrough Business Certainty Workshop is brand new. It will be one of the best events we have ever run. Here is what some IFAs from all over the country have said about previous Adviser Breakthrough Seminars and Workshops: